Writing On it all: Olga Rodriguez Ulloa & Alexandra Chasin “Forms of Resistance (Literally!)”

Saturday, May 27, 1:00pm to Monday, May 29, 4:00pm
Governor's Island - Nolan Park House 8A
Governor's Island

“Forms of Resistance (Literally!)”
Boxed in by the forms you fill out every day? Sick of being classified, categorized, tracked, stamped, approved, declined, billed, charged, and otherwise administered? Your social security number doesn’t quite define or express you, or you don’t have one? Not reducible to a sex or race, to a height or weight? Time for re-form! Bring your frustration, your underrepresentation, your creativity, your excess, your rebellious temptation – it’s time to subvert, pervert, and invert the bureaucratic limits and controls. Bring your messy selves, color outside of the lines, turn small spaces into the fertile ground of narrative, of open-ended exploration, of refusal and resistance. It’s time to engage in reform – to answer back – to speak truth to power – all over the walls.

Writing On It All is a participatory writing project open to all interested members of the public. In sessions led by artists and writers, participants are invited to write on the interior surfaces of an out-of-use house – and no two sessions are alike. Facilitators and session members take to the walls to write, attending to the dynamics of writing as well as to pressing issues of the day. Poets, street artists, activists, choreographers, domestic workers, as well as professional writers and artists lead experiments dealing with diverse topics, using all kinds of materials, including music and projection, charcoal and chalk, pencil and paint. Everything counts as writing.