Finding the Honey

Friday, May 5, 7:00pm to Sunday, May 21, 5:00pm
1109 Dekalb ave Brooklyn NY

"Finding the Honey"
Select work by A. Pate

" 'You'll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar,' I heard that a lot growing up, and every time I thought, well I like vinegar more than honey anyways! The truth is I was, and always have been, more comfortable with holding back my 'sweetness'. Sharing such a thing could lead me to feeling too vulnerable. It seemed risky, in fact." - A. Pate

Through this body of work, artist A. Pate has allowed herself to exist within her place of comfort - which is to build. Using these skills, she is able to to investigate what she feels is most difficult in life - learning to find the good that exists within the bad. Inspired by a recorded conversation with her parents in which they discuss the traumas from their pasts and highlight the individuals outside of these experiences, she is able to sculpt work from these conversations in an attempt to exhibit the honey within these relationships.