ATM Cigarettes Flowers Lottery / God Bless Deli 2

Friday, Sep 29, 7:00pm to Sunday, Oct 1, 11:00pm
1283 Bushwick ave Brooklyn ny

ATM Cigarettes Flowers Lottery / God Bless Deli 2 explores the dynamic of the bodega aesthetically and theoretically. Each bodega takes on the unique form and identity of its owners, employees, customers, and surrounding neighborhoods, resulting in a bodega is as rich and culturally diverse as it's visitors. The artists involved take a variety of approaches to the theme; some consider the formal and tactile relationships with the bodega itself, while others look at the changing socio-economic landscapes of New York City, and the shift that that gentrification implies for locally-owned bodegas.

Please join us on opening night at two Brooklyn galleries: Wayfarers Gallery and Space Heater Gallery. An interactive scavenger hunt will take place on opening night, leading visitors through bodegas on a search for artwork, as they walk from one gallery to the other.
Alanoud Ahmed
Eli Barak
Anna Breininger
Carlo Cittadini
Leah Dixon
Ron Erlih
Ilana Harris-Babou
Jonathan Hirschfeld
Alison Kuo
Annesta Le
Alicia Link
Jovanni Luna
Cela Luz
Luis Martin
Jennifer McDermott
Dain Mergenthaler
Nicole Mouriño
Amalia Mourad
Maureen O'Leary
Emily Oliveira
Hiroki Otsuka
Sophie Parker
Mindy Shrago
KC Tidemand
Dareece Walker
Darryl Westly
Curated by Yael Azoulay, Sam Robinson, and Ali Shrago-Spechler